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We install all major driveline components. Engines, transmissions, rear ends, etc. for all makes and models. We have certified mechanics on site that work around the clock to get your vehicle back on the road and operational. Call us today to inquire about our services or to set up an appointment.

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This is an important consideration BEFORE you make your purchase. Be sure you have a professional diagnosis done to ensure your engine or transmission is bad. We do offer this service but it is not included with your purchase or installation labor. A professional diagnosis is a smart investment to be sure you are making the right purchasing decision.

What you are purchasing is what is known in the industry as a long block which includes the block and cylinder head(s). Bolt on accessories such as, but not limited to, manifolds, starter, alternator, sensors, A/C components, etc. will be transferred from your original engine.

Yes, however we can not road test the donor vehicles. Normally we get the units to operating temperature, check for any signs of failure, look for damages or severe leaks, as well as check fluids for cross contamination.

We record the mileage based on the vehicle odometer but we do not know the vehicles life cycle. The engine/transmission may have been replaced once before. Also, a higher mileage unit that was well maintained can be a better option than a lower mileage one that was not.

It much easier and more cost effective to perform additional services before your product is installed. These services are available but not included with your purchase. For example, it is recommended you consider a tune up or new water pump on engines. Your sales person can help you learn more.

Be sure to follow your vehicles factory maintenance schedule. Your sales person can tell you about all the services we provide.

We have several great warranties to fit your needs and budget. Ask your salesperson for details.

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