Compatible with Azera Borrego Genesis Optima Santa Fe Sedona Sorento Sportage Tucson Veracruz



Part Numbers0K57T69220 8510126000
Body ColorGREY
Int ColorRED
Eng Size3.80
SKU MD161281946


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Product Description



AZERA 06-11 w/o automatic dimming
BORREGO 09-11 w/o automatic dimming
GENESIS 09-15 Cpe, w/o compass
GENESIS 16 w/o compass
OPTIMA 06 VIN E (5th digit, US market only), w/o garage door opener; w/o automatic dimming; w/overhead console
SANTA FE 01-06 w/o automatic dimming
SEDONA 05-09 w/o automatic dimming
SORENTO 03-09 w/o automatic dimming
SPORTAGE 05-09 w/o automatic dimming
SPORTAGE 10 2.0L, w/o automatic dimming
SPORTAGE 10 2.7L, w/o automatic dimming
TUCSON 05-08 w/o automatic dimming
VERACRUZ 07-12 w/o automatic dimming; (opt 8511B1)


Sales Policy & Warranty Program

Refunds & Exchanges:

Refunds will be paid out in the same manner as the original purchase. For cash purchases over $75, a refund check will be issued. A 25% administrative handling fee may be charged on all returned parts. Electrical parts are non-refundable. A faulty electrical part may be exchanged for the same part type only. No refunds after 30 days from the original part purchase date. Exchanges for faulty parts may be made until the end of your warranty period. No refunds of deposits after 30 days. Parts must retain original markings for exchanges or refunds. Parts not marked are sold “AS IS“. No refunds or replacements if parts are damaged or disassembled. All refunds or exchanges must be accompanied by original sales receipt. Seller reserves the right to make customer satisfaction accommodations on a case by case basis. Freight cost is Non-Refundable. 


Special Order Parts: If we are unable to fulfill your special parts request in a reasonable amount of time, a refund will be issued to the original purchaser in the manner in which it was paid. A 35% handling fee may be assessed for special order parts cancelled in transit.


Return Check Fee: A $40 administrative handling fee will be charged on all returned checks.


Damage Adjustments: All damage adjustments must be made at time of delivery or sale and approved by management. If an exchange is to be made on an already adjusted part, it will be re-billed as original sale price.

Limited Warranty Program

We offer a variety of extended warranties for your convenience:

30-Day Silver

No Labor With Warranty Unless We Installed

Warranty Includes
  • Included on all parts purchased from Brandywine Automotive Centers
  • Warranty is valid for the replacement of faulty part.

(Up to $25/hr. based on Chilton.)

6-Month Gold

$25/hr. Labor

Warranty Includes
  • Limited Labor Reimbursement to aid in the installation of a replacement part.
  • Limited to parts installed professionally with sales receipt.

(Up to $25/hr. based on Chilton.)

1-Year Platinum

$25/hr. Labor Reimbursement

Warranty Includes
  • Limited Labor Reimbursement to aid in the installation of a replacement part.
  • Limited to parts installed professionally with sales receipt.

(Up to $25/hr. based on Chilton)

Bonus: Parts Installed by Brandywine Companies will be replaced by Brandywine Companies at no additional labor costs during the warranty period.

Limited Labor Reimbursement Program:

Labor reimbursement is valid for mechanical parts only & is limited to one replacement. Reimbursement will be paid out after the seller supplied replacement part has been installed & the faulty part has been returned. Proof of replacement will be required. Labor reimbursement will be made by company check and will only be paid out up to a limit of $500 based off the Chilton Labor Guide. Seals, fluids, gasket, belts, etc. are the customers responsibility and will not be reimbursed. Labor reimbursement program excludes electrical parts. Parts installed by Brandywine Companies will be replaced by Brandywine Companies at no additional labor costs to the purchaser.

Mechanical Parts Warranty:

Engines are guaranteed against cracks, excessive oil smoke, or excessive blow by and rod or piston knocks. Engine accessories, including, but not limited to the throttle body, injectors, seals, gaskets, and O-rings are excluded from the engine warranty. When you install or have others install, it is your responsibility to change all fluids, filters, seals, gaskets, timing belts/chains and service coolant systems before starting or moving vehicle. Failure to do so voids warranty. Problems caused by improper installation will be repaired at customers expense. Transmission cooling systems must be flushed and non-flushable coolers must be replaced. Warranty is good from original purchase date. Parts warranty does not cover damage arising from unusually harsh driving practices such as high performance or off road use of a vehicle. Warranty excludes tow services. Engine and transmission problems must be diagnosed by a seller approved automotive shop at customers expense before part is removed or any warranty work is performed. It is the purchasers responsibility to clear, reset, or reflash any ECM/PCM if necessary. Failure to do so may void your warranty. Warranties are Non-Transferable.

Consequential Damages:

Purchaser shall not be entitled to recover from the seller any consequential damages, damages to property, damages for loss of use, rental vehicle costs, loss of time, loss of profits, loss of income, or any other incidental damages not included in this list. If catastrophic failure occurs as a result of a preexisting condition, Brandywine Companies will not be held liable for any consequential damages and you may void your warranty. 

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